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Kamado BBQ 23" (60cm) Grill#5

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Great Kamado barbecue and smoker that’s egg shaped to keep the heat circulating which in turn cooks your food evenly.

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Pre-click those tongs to make sure they work and dive into this great Kamado BBQ /smoker that’s egg shaped to keep the heat circulating which makes sure your food cooks evenly. This medium-sized ceramic kamado BBQ/smoker 60 cm will be a perfect companion while you show off your skills. Cook meat, veggies and fish in it perfectly, so even if your family members have different tastes, the Kamado BBQ 60 cm will satisfy everyone's needs.

Advantages of this Kamado BBQ Grill

This model is designed for 8-10 people so you can invite a group of friends or gather the whole family at one table. The main body and walls are made of heat-resistant ceramic and a sealed lid keeps heat well. So it takes only 10-15 minutes to heat up to the desired temperature. Other features:

•    The diameter of the working surface is 51 cm. This area can accommodate several small dishes. Don't waste time, just cook everything at once.

•    Side shelves - additional usable area that makes cooking easier. If necessary, the shelves are raised and lowered so that the equipment does not take up much space.

•    Stainless steel stand. Easy temperature control with top vent.

•    Convection. Provides the best quality roasting of food. By circulating hot air, all sides of the food are heated evenly.

•    Easy to clean - food debris burns out!



•    Main body Diameter: 60cm/23"

•    Diam. of cooking Grid: 51cm

•    Assembled Dimensions (LxDxH):132x81x113cm

•    Operation Height: 85cm

•    Gross Weight: 102 KG

•    Top Vent: Cast Iron

•    Side Table/Handle: Bamboo

•    Band/Spring/Stand: Steel

•    Cooking Grid: S/S (Diam 6mm S/S)

•    Fire Ring / Fire Box: Mullite (Resistant to 1000 degrees)

•    Grill Dome/Grill Base: Mullite (Resistant to 1000 degrees

Standard Kamado features:
1×top vent, 1×thermometer, 1×cooking grill, 1×charcoal grate
1×handle, 1×stand, 1× firebox, 1× firering, 2×side shelves, 4×wheels.

WARNING: Due to high temperatures, use caution when opening and using the Kamado Grill while in use.

Kamado BBQ 23" (60cm) Grill#5
Kamado BBQ 23" (60cm) Grill#5
Kamado BBQ 23" (60cm) Grill#5

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