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How it works

Experience the Cosy Deals Advantage

Gone are the days of purchasing high-quality goods with the inflated costs of traditional retail. At Cosy Deals, we're redefining the shopping experience by connecting you directly with trusted factories worldwide, ensuring you receive the finest outdoor products delivered straight to your doorstep in Australia. This means you can bid farewell to unnecessary middlemen and sky-high markups – it's time to embrace a smarter way to shop!

the traditional price $800

A new way to buy products!

the cosydeal price $400
SAVE $400


Click. Zoom. Boom.

Everything we do these days is “click, boom, zoom.” You order something online, and it seems like it's ding-dong before you even sit down. Your parcel has been delivered. That’s great and all, we’re certainly not knocking it… But at what cost though? The uncomfortable truth is that the services we pay for in such a fast-paced world mount up. And the costs are placed on none other than you, the consumer. You have to ask yourself: do you really need to pay for the convenience? What if you don't need something tomorrow? What if you’re prepared to wait a little longer? At Cosy Deals, we realised one of the biggest costs in buying something is the resellers, agents, and retailers. They all add to the price you pay for products. And when you down to the nitty gritty, they are not only unnecessary but also incredibly expensive.

What did we decide to do?

We created a platform that allows us to offer a wide variety of products straight from the factory floor and delivered straight to your door in Australia. There are no fulfilment centres to staff, no warehouses to build or rent, and no shops to stock… you get the picture. We've curated a selection of premium items typically associated with higher price points, often inflated further by retail chains to cover their operational costs. Our aim? To make these high-quality goods accessible to you. Unlike traditional retailers, we’re not burdened by overheads, which allows us to offer you significant cost savings. We also meticulously select products known for their durability, ensuring they arrive at your doorstep intact, providing you with peace of mind throughout transit.

How the magic works
  • We open a deal on a product, usually for 2 weeks or a month.
  • You pick a deal you want and don’t pay anything now.
  • When we reach a certain number - the minimum order quantity - we qualify for bulk orders. These orders are at a cost price with the factory that produces them, and we сlose the deal.
  • We process payment and place the order at the factory. They make the products. Usually, this process takes 1 month, depending on the item.
  • Our shipping company sends the freight (approx. 3 weeks) to Australia.
  • A delivery company checks your individual items and brings them to you.
  • The whole thing process takes about 2 months* and the money you save for being patient is unparalleled.
Good things come to those who wait!

How we guarantee Cosy Deals best quality

We enable you to buy direct from the factory. Bulk-buying price on every item. Get a 3% discount for 6 months if you join our community!
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