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How It Works

Good things come to those who wait.
We are confident in our prices and that’s why we encourage you to do your own research to compare prices and make sure you’re happy with the purchase price we offer. We hunt down the best products that we know you’d love to have and we find factories throughout the world that excel at producing them. The best part is, if you don’t see what you want, just tell us and we’ll find that too! After we locate the factories to produce those products, we negotiate a deal with the best possible manufacturers and post those on our website. Then, we take your order and it goes ahead once enough people have placed theirs. After grouping the orders together, we place them with the manufacturer so that everything is produced and shipped to Sydney at the same time. As soon as it arrives, we deliver to your front door. Yes, this method may take time but that’s the secret to unlocking the best wholesale, factory direct prices for you. It’s as if you were ordering from one of our top manufacturers yourself, but we take care of any hassle involved: shipping, import paperwork, GST, customer support – everything! Since you pre-pay for our deals and because we operate online and don’t hold stock, our overheads are very low. We don’t need big, expensive retail stores and warehouses, therefore we operate with a much smaller workforce and our money doesn’t get tied up in stock. This allows us to pass those savings on to you, helping you to save more on the products that you love. Essentially, we’re giving you the opportunity to shop the world’s best manufacturers with the ease that comes with dealing with one company – us!
We’re always available and guarantee our products.
Try it out and see how much you can save on products you love by simply pre-ordering…
and a little bit of patience.

So what do I do?
You find a deal you love on our website.
You compare prices with other retailers – and can’t believe your eyes when you see how much you’ll save by ordering with us.
You place your pre-order through our website, enter your payment method, delivery address and phone number.
Every deal is available for up to 30 days – but sometimes they sell out much quicker!
At the end of the 30 days, if enough orders have been placed, the deal will go through, and your credit card will only now be charged.
Next, we place the order with our handpicked manufacturer and the products are made just for you! This is where patience comes in as it can take a bit of time.
When your product is ready, the container is shipped to us and we deliver them right to your front door.

We guarantee each product so we’re always here for you if something were to go wrong.
If you have any questions about our products or about us, don’t hesitate to ask! Contact us.
We are happy to help.