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About Us

We connect people to factories around the world through our online buying community.

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We found a way to make the highest quality items more affordable for you.
There are always middlemen, agents and retailers involved in producing and delivering what you buy. Not with us. We believe that they are both unnecessary and expensive.

'Straight from the factory…directly to your front door’
We host a community of buyers (you) using a platform (this website) that allows us to offer you a wide variety of products straight from the factory, delivered directly to your front door in the UK. By cutting out all the middlemen and extra costs involved in buying online we can make our prices hundreds of pounds cheaper than traditional online stores. Group buying allows us to negotiate incredible deals on your behalf.

What does that mean for you?
Higher quality products for less! The more people that join a deal, the quicker they arrive! So, tell all of your friends and family and get to work filling up those orders! So, because the way we do business is different, we’re able to offer a wide variety of amazing products at unbelievable prices.


products from ASEAN countries

We select only the best for our customers


direct from the factories

No middlemen, agents or storage


The online buyers community

We deliver products to your front door