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Inflatable Catamaran Cruiser#1

A luxurious and stylish new concept in leisure boating
All aboard a superior quality vessel for up to 10 to enjoy memorable days on lakes, rivers and at sea.
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Stunning and stylish times are most definitely ahoy in this inflatable cruiser, which could well be the latest, greatest innovation to hit the water since GPS.

Look forward to lazy days on lakes and rivers with friends and family in an eye-catching, head-turning versatile vessel that offers two levels of pure luxury for up to 10.

Call it a cruiser, a house boat, or luxury dinghy – in reality it’s all three and so much more. Make a splash diving from the roof into the river. Catch dinner as you fish from the cruiser in your favourite spot. Lie back and soak up the sun. Entertain friends and family solar sailing along waterways and meandering rivers, experiencing relaxation and seclusion so enjoyable that you’ll be in no hurry to return to dry land.

The cruiser is built to last, thanks to a drop-stitched, doubled-walled, laminated PVC hull. It can reach speeds of up to 3 knots (5km/h) when powered by roof-mounted solar panels. Attach an outboard motor (sold separately) and you’ll get up to 6 knots (10km/h) from an almost silent motor that’ll let you ghost along the water without disturbing local wildlife.

When you finally decide to return to dry land, there’s more magic to behold from the cruiser. Because while it’s ultra comfortable and roomy when inflated, deflate it and it folds away, making it portable and so easy to store it’ll fit in the trunk of your car until your next adventure.


• Perfect for leisure on the water, fishing, gathering, and serving as a floating home.

• Appropriate for lakes, rivers, sea and ocean voyages.

Convenience and Usability:

• Solar panel utilisation.

• Quickly inflates (electric pump included).

• Rapid deflation by simply turning the valve lever.

• Ability to fold for easy transportation.

• Mount for motor included.

• Detachable waterproof tarpaulin and PVC curtains, handy for rain.

Safety and Protection:

 Anti-collision rubber strips protect the inflatable material at the front, bottom and rear of the boat.

 Additional safety is provided by a pair of detachable inflation cylinders with safety handles

 Handles inside and on top of the ship so children can land on the roof, dive and fish.


Hull: PVC and drop stitch

Capacity: 6-10 people

Size: 453 x 217 x 202 cm

Colour: White or Blue

Net weight: 115 kg

Max load: 800kg

Inner length - from roll to roll - 238 cm

Inner width from side to side - 177 cm

Inner height from floor to ceiling -114 cm

Gross weight: 121 kg

Motors with a power of 13.2 kW are recommended.

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