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Garden Corner Sofa set - Ginger#1

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An elite-class teak corner sofa and compact table forming a stylish and comfortable place to relax on your decking.
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Left/right armrest 2 seat: 170*75*75 cm, middle sofa: 70*75*75 cm, corner sofa: 75*75*75 cm, coffee table: 110*70*35 cm
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Get as much space out of your garden or patio as you can, with a snug-fitting, high-quality teak and aluminium L-shape outdoor furniture set. This elite-class patio corner sofa comes with a compact table to form a stylish and comfortable place to relax on your decking. The perfect setting for romantic meals in the summer, weekend play area with the kids – (made less stressful with wipeable cushions!), BBQ hub, taking selfies or even a backdrop for live streaming!


This sofa has an aluminium frame and two attached side tables with teak slats forming side tables. The tabletop of the coffee table is also teak. The set comes in two whole pieces:

They can be used separately if you want. The width of the seats is the same at 75 cm, and the height is 75 cm all around. The sofa’s got additional support panels along the edges. Teak is a fantastic wood, which over time acquires an even more noble "antique" vibe.

Advantages of the Teak and aluminium corner sofa set:

  • Soft pillows that give a feeling of absolute comfort. Made of soft-touch material with a double level of protection against moisture and ultraviolet radiation, that means that this outdoor furniture can withstand any weather conditions. The sturdy aluminium frame makes sure it can take all sorts of bouncing around on.
  • The classic minimalistic design is another plus of the garden furniture set. The combination of neutral grey with woody looks stylish and contemporary.

  • Specifications:

  • Left/Right Armrest 2 Seat: 170x75x75cm.
  • Middle Sofa: 70x75x75cm.
  • Triple Seater Sofa: 227x75x75cm.
  • Corner Sofa: 75x75x75cm.
  • Table: L120xW70x37cm.

  • No assembly required!

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