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Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6

Relax in comfort where the birds sing!

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A modern stylish pergola is an ingenious way to transform your outdoor living space.

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 Buying a modern stylish pergola/gazebo is a good way to transform your outdoor living space. If your garden lacks a comfortable seating area, why not take a look at this aluminum pergola with roof. The aluminium outdoor pergola 3mX4m is available in three colors: white, grey and black. The classic colours are suitable for any architectural style and will definitely look good in your garden.

Benefits of outdoor Aluminium Deck Pergola 3mX4m
The model is designed for quick assembly. We recommend that you invite specialists for professional installation in order to comply with the terms of warranty service.
  • Outdoor pergola has a smooth surface that is resistant to abrasion and impact.
  • The modern drainage system, built into the columns, ensures a quick drainage of water.
  •  The metal frame can withstand any stress, including from precipitation.And the additional reinforcement of the canopy in the form of cross beams increases its carrying capacity. If a lot of snow falls on the semi-permanent gazebo/pergola, you can rest assured that the roof will withstand the load.
  •  The roof is equipped with dense blinds, which gives more privacy to the owners. The louver opens 90 degrees. If necessary, you can protect yourself from sunlight in the daytime, and in the evening - open the blinds and admire the starry sky.
  • The minimum number of opening-closing cycles of a semi permanent gazebo blind is 3000 times. The system is durable thanks to the premium-grade materials.
  • A free-standing outdoor pergola takes up little space, yet at the same time creates a spacious area where you can escape from the bustle of life.

Drop screen not included - available here

Standard sizes: 

  • height: louvers close 2.30m, louvers open 2.38m
  • base 3.03×3.03m, frame 2.94×2.94m 
  • base 3.03×4.02m, frame 2.94×3.94m
  • base 4.02×4.02m, frame 3.94×3.94m

Colour available:

Black, Grey, White

Size of the main structure parts:

  • Beam - aluminium, 2.0mm, 20x45mm
  • Colum - aluminium, 1.6mm, 100x100mm
  • Slat - aluminium, 1.4mm, 23x145mm

Product packaging specification:

  • Column -  1 box - 21x21x265cm -  weight 25kg
  • Beam -  1 box - 22x27x296cm  -  weight 44kg
  • Flip board -  1 box - 33x33x148cm -   weight 56kg


Wind class N2-TC3-FS.

Wind grade 5 of EN13659 standard.

To save the pergola from wind move the louvers in the OPEN position when the pergola is not in use.


Only fits regions A, not cyclone regions.

Our pergolas with roof slats will likely not require a permit, but check anyway. The requirements and regulations for building pergolas may differ in your hometown, so make sure you contact your local council to find out what the requirements are.

Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6
Aluminium Pergola Gazebo 3x4m#6

Warranty and Guarantee

  • We guarantee a 1-year warranty on all goods that we offer. The warranty covers domestic use only (no commercial use).
  • In case of the goods being faulty and/or can't be repaired, you can choose from two options: an exchange or a full refund. We will also be happy to help with any issues or replacement parts.
  • We are an Australian company, so the guarantees set out in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 apply to us fully.
  • All delivery dates displayed above are estimates; you can use the tracking system anytime to check when your purchase is due to arrive.

Warranty Exclusions

Since these items are non-permanent, the warranty does not cover fading or damage incurred due to extreme weather exposure (including heavy rain, winds, sunlight, exposure to high temperatures, e.g. from barbecue and heaters).
The warranty also does not cover damage caused by negligence, misuse, and accidents.
Please be aware that by not following the instruction manual for installation, you will cause the warranty to be withdrawn.

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