Blog Polycarbonate Pergolas: The Smart Solution for Australian

Polycarbonate Pergolas: The Smart Solution for Australian Climates

07 February 2024

Say hello to endless outdoor enjoyment!


Attention outdoor aficionados! Ready to take your backyard from bland to breathtaking? Our wall-mounted polycarbonate pergola 3mx5m is your ticket to alfresco bliss - and all for 30-40% off the market price. This exquisite addition to your outdoor space is just $2978 plus FREE delivery! 

You can enjoy lazy Sundays spent lounging under the gentle glow of filtered sunlight, protected from the scorching Aussie heat and sudden downpours. Quite enticing, wouldn’t you agree?  

Polycarbonate is known for its non-yellowing, durable design and flexibility that prevents it from hardening, making it your secret weapon against the elements, especially the sun’s rays. This is all thanks to the extensive UV treatment that polycarbonate sheets undergo. Plus, with its easy installation, creating your dream outdoor retreat has never been simpler!

Upgrade your outdoor space with Australia’s very own Cosy Deals, and make every moment under the sun unforgettable! With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we’ll help you turn your backyard dreams into reality together!