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Master the Grill with Our 21" 55cm Kamado BBQ - Take Your Grilling Skills to the Next Level!

20 February 2024

Master the Art of Grilling: Discover the Kamado BBQ Grill

Calling all Grill Masters! 

Picture this: You, the backyard, and the irresistible scent of perfectly grilled feasts. Our 26" 66cm Kamado BBQ Grill isn’t just a barbecue; it's a culinary powerhouse, bringing a hearty dose of Japanese-inspired mastery to upgrade your grilling game. 

Designed for 6-8 people, this Kamado BBQ Grill is your ticket to becoming the neighbourhood's culinary maestro — at 30-40% off the market price! The snug lid guarantees rapid heating in just 15 minutes, letting you dazzle your mates and family with minimal downtime. 

Smoking, baking, frying, grilling - this grill does it all. The rugged ceramic body boasts unmatched heat resistance, making it your go-to for various cooking styles. And let’s not forget you can easily transport this beast with robust metal coasters, taking the barbeque wherever you want to cook up a storm!

 Advantages Galore 

  • Powerful convection heating for consistent cooking and fast meal prep.

  • Cleanup is a breeze, with the grill’s scorching temperatures obliterating food residue, helping you reduce maintenance costs. 

  • Take charge with a dedicated ventilation hole for precision temperature control.

  • Command your grill domain with a “smart” thermometer system, making functionality simple. 

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