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Cosy Deals New Logo

10 April 2024

Grab some sticks and start up a drum roll if you like. Or make the noise of a fanfare of trumpets with your mouth if you can get away with that. Or alternatively, just read on.


It’s not every day that a business gets a new look, but today is the day we unveil ours. We’re changing our logo to reflect the evolution and growth of the Cosy Deals brand, to usher us into a new phase of our development.  

We didn’t have to change, we just felt the time was right for something new. So without further ado, you can stop your drumming or fanfaring now because… Ta-Da! We proudly present the new Cosy Deals logo!

We love it, of course. It’s the result of plenty of thinking, sketching and designing and tells the story and reflects the purpose of Cosy Deals.  

The icon pays homage to our flagship product - the pergola - and how it becomes a seamless part of every home, creating “space for everyone”.  

We’ve integrated a dollar sign into our name to represent our continuing commitment to saving customers money with awesome deals on top quality products.

And you’re sure to have spotted the smiley face which sums up our ultimate goal – to get our customers in an excellent mood with amazing savings, and to give them positive experiences with the quality of our service and the products they buy from us. 

This isn’t a new beginning or anything like that. It’s a new look and a new way we’re presenting ourselves to the world. It’s something we can all get behind to get more Australians (and people in our new markets) aware of what makes Cosy Deals a great place for customers to save money, and a great place to work.

It’ll take a while for us to introduce the new logo to all our communications, so don’t be surprised if you still see the old one in various places!