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3.5m Wall-mounted pergola #3

When all you need is some extra space at home

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Sometimes a little extra space is all you need. Somewhere to park the car, somewhere for the laundry, somewhere to sit and relax.

 Problem solved with an aluminium wall mounted gazebo (polycarbonate awnings). If you don’t have space for the pergola, then the 3.5 m wall-mounted model is the best option.
The body is made of an aluminium alloy, making it resistant to external influences. Powder coating gives the material additional protective and decorative properties. The canopy panels are made from premium polycarbonate.
Aluminium wall mounted gazebo/pergola (polycarbonate awning) can be used for:
  • Improvement of the adjoining terrace, entrance area;
  • Protection of your car from sunlight and precipitation - a light version of the garage;
  •  Arrangement of a small playground for games;
  • Construction of a recreation area to have guests, dine outdoors or just spend time with loved ones.
Wall pergola benefits
  • Thanks to the modern metal gazebo, your yard will be protected from precipitation, sun and other weather factors all year round. 
  • The aluminium frame, like modern polycarbonate, is UV resistant and waterproof. 
  • Thanks to a simple assembly system, the installation of the pergola attached to the house will take less than two hours. You can do it yourself, but we suggest contacting professionals to keep the warranty valid.
Another advantage of the model is the flexible installation technology. You can adjust the height of the columns and the position of the canopy yourself, depending on your conditions. Wall pergola comes with a complete set of tools, fasteners and other accessories.

​ Features:

  • Width (perpendicular to the wall): 4.0 m, 3.5 m
  • Length (along the wall): 3.05 m, 4.25 m, 5.45 m. 
  • All profile is made of aluminium with powder coating. 
  • Connector: steel with plastic powder coating. 
  • Application: waterproof, sun-shading and decoration. 
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • High-strength Polycarbon plates.
  • UV resistant
  • High light transmittance
  • All aluminium frames with plastic powder coated
  • The height and the position of columns are adjustable
  • With a full tool bag
  • Simple DIY assembling by clicking on stops
  • Lightweight parts and packaging
  • Free of maintenance


  • Stable and elegant.
  • Long-life for many years.
  • High light transmittance PC board ceiling.
  • Fixed on terrace or LHR house
  • Standard 8mm thickness PC buckle board.
  • 99.8% protection from UV.
  • Stainless, rusty and free of maintenance.
  • Aluminum Frame with plastic powder coated.
  • Flexible installation.
  • Front bar: 102x104mm
  • Column: 60x40 mm
  • Roof plate: 600x8 mm
  • Wall girder: 50x104 mm
  • Front girder: 62x81 mm
  • Beam: 40x66 mm
  • Outer beam: 40x76 mm.

Warranty and Guarantee

  • We guarantee a 1-year warranty on all goods that we offer. The warranty covers domestic use only (no commercial use).
  • In case of the goods being faulty and/or can't be repaired, you can choose from two options: an exchange or a full refund. We will also be happy to help with any issues or replacement parts.
  • We are an Australian company, so the guarantees set out in the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 apply to us fully.
  • All delivery dates displayed above are estimates; you can use the tracking system anytime to check when your purchase is due to arrive.

Warranty Exclusions

Since these items are non-permanent, the warranty does not cover fading or damage incurred due to extreme weather exposure (including heavy rain, winds, sunlight, exposure to high temperatures, e.g. from barbecue and heaters).
The warranty also does not cover damage caused by negligence, misuse, and accidents.
Please be aware that by not following the instruction manual for installation, you will cause the warranty to be withdrawn.

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